Stakeholder Consultation on Strategies to Restore lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is a world-renowned ecologically unique waterbody shared by three countries—Tanzania (51 per cent), Uganda (44 per cent) and Kenya (5 per cent) and supportive of socioeconomic activities and aquatic species. The natural ecosystem of the lake and its flora and fauna are the basis for an expanding population and burgeoning economic activity in the region. However, this fragile ecosystem has suffered immensely from anthropogenic activities and could be damaged irreversibly in the absence of appropriate interventions. This calls for devising intervention measures aimed to improve the health of the Lake.  

CSE has been working with National Environmental Management Council (NEMC), Tanzania on Lake Victoria for the past few years and has released a report in January 2023. The report named "Developing Environmental Management strategy for Lake Victoria" identified a town called Mwanza as a hotspot area discharging industrial effluents, municipal and solid waste into the Lake. The report discussed interventions focused on waste management to reduce its disposal in the rivers and streams and also provided a monitoring network for both the rivers/streams and Lake Victoria.   

The current stakeholder consultation is being organized in collaboration with Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) and National Environmental Management Council (NEMC), Tanzania and is a follow-up of a January, 2023 event. The workshop has been planned to discuss the progress made so far by different organizations, future activities for 2024, and the exploration of collaborative actions for achieving desired outcomes. 

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Press Release
January 23, 2024
How to restore Lake Victoria
Our Global Reports
Environmental Assessment Guidelines: Building and Construction Sector
Development of Environmental Management Strategy Towards Sustaining Ecological Integrity of Lake Victoria
Participating Stakeholders
National Environmental Management Authority, Uganda,
National Environmental Management Authority, Kenya
Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Burundi
Rwanda Environment Management Authority, Rwanda
National Environmental Management Council Tanzania, Lake Victoria Basin Commission
Mwanza Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA), Tanzania
Lake Victoria Basin Water Board (LVBWB), Tanzania
Municipal City Council (MCC), Tanzania
Ministry of Water, Tanzania
Regional offices within the water shed of Lake Victoria, Tanzania (Geita, Mara, Kagera, Mwanza, Simiyu)