Assessment of Environmental Audit System: A Pan-Africa Study

Environmental audit is a management tool that enables industries to evaluate its environmental performance and improve it on regular basis, verify the implementation of environmental management tools proposed during the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and ensure effective compliance of governing environmental laws by an industry. It is not a one-time step but an ongoing activity that aims to identify and correct environmental issues that arise during the operation of a project and improve operating and environmental conditions in industries. 

A thoroughly performed environmental audit allows industries to analyse the ambiguities in the implementation of management plans and take corrective measures. It also helps industries improve the process efficiency by optimizing the usage of resources, increasing production and thereby resulting in monetary benefits. On the regulatory front, a comprehensive audit report can be helpful for regulatory purposes as it will help assess the compliance status of the industry and understand its environmental performance. Comparing data of two to three years can ascertain whether the performance of an industry is improving or declining. 

Centre for Science and Environment has come with a study where it has reviewed legislations and environmental audit reports of different African countries and attempted to highlight both the strengths and shortcomings in the current system of each country. A 3-day workshop is being conducted following the report release. The workshop aims to discuss the importance of environmental data for the audit and the methodologies to incorporate that data. The overall objective of the workshop is to deliberate on strategies to strengthen the environmental audit system in African countries.  

List of Participant
Nivit Kumar Yadav
Programme Director
Industrial Pollution
Dr. D. D Basu
Advisor- Industrial
Ishita Garg
Programme Manager
Industrial Pollution
Mr. Shobhit Srivastava
Deputy Programme Manager
Industrial Pollution, CSE
Dr Immaculate Sware Semesi
Director General
National Environmental Management Council, Tanzania
Dr Immaculate Sware Semesi
Director General
National Environmental Management Council, Tanzania
Dr. Menan H. Jangu
Director of Environmental Research and Management
National Environmental Management Council, Tanzania
Mr. Novatus Mushi
National Environmental Management Council, Tanzania
Ms. Jose Njoki Mukiri
Principal Environmental Officer
National Environmental Management Authority, Kenya
Ms. Nancy Allimadi
Manager-Environment Inspections Monitoring and Audits
National Environmental Management Authority, Uganda
Mr. Damian Nchindo
Chief Conservation Scientist
Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism
Mr. Constantino Mwembela
Manager-Environmental Assessments
Zambia Environmental Management Agency
Ms. Nana Yaa Appiah
Principal Program officer, Petroleum Department
Environmental Protection Authority, Ghana
Mr. Tesfa Wakgari
Environmental Audit Expert- Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Directorate
FDRE Environmental Protection Authority, Ethiopia
Ms. Nketu Lesejane
Environmental Management Inspector
Department of Environment Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa
Mr. Bruno K. Kamanga
Senior Environmental
Officer-EIA & PC
Environmental Affairs Department, Malawi
Mr. Abdullahi Aremu Agaka
Assistant Director (Inspection and Enforecement)
National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency, Nigeria
Mr. Haidar Bakari Machano
Head of Environmental Assessment Division
Zanzibar Environment Management Authority, Zanzibar
Mr. Sipho David Meluleki Sithungo
Environmental Analyst
Eswatini Environment Authority
Mr. Andre Luis Zandamela
Head-Auditing Environment Department 
Ministry of Land and Environment
Mr. Djedji Benjamin Onamoun
Deputy Director- Environmental Technologies
Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition,Cote d'Ivoire
Ms. Germaine HIRWA
Technical expertCleaner Production and Climate Innovation Centre, Republic of Rwanda
Mr. Gerphas K Opondo
Executive Director
Environmental Compliance Institute, Kenya
Ms. Lydia Akinyi Okola
Project Officer
Environmental Compliance Institute, Kenya


For more information, contact

Ishita Garg
Programme Manager