Residential Training on Groundwater Management for Climate-Resilient River Cities

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Almost every city in India can claim to be a ‘river’ city – with a river running through or by it. Besides rivers, most Indian cities also house a variety of other waterbodies such as lakes, tanks etc. But with these surface waterbodies getting increasingly polluted, depleted, or simply built over, cities have turned to groundwater to meet their needs – and unchecked, rapacious withdrawal of groundwater by them has led to plunging levels of the resource.

This is a situation which leaves cities in dire straits in these climate change-risked times. Changing rainfall patterns, reduced numbers of rainy days, and the incessant pressure on resources due to the maddening rate of urbanization makes recharging of groundwater a major challenge.

Managing the groundwater that urban centres still have access to, thus, becomes critically important in this scenario, especially in terms of making these cities climate-resilient. This involves mapping the aquifers, locating potential recharge zones, and intelligently managing the extraction of groundwater. This also means understanding the changing rainfall patterns, soils, lithology, physiography and hydrogeology of the cities and towns.


  • Managing groundwater sources in climate risk cities
  • Aquifer Mapping at city level
  • Monitoring of groundwater – quantity and quality
  • City level mapping of groundwater recharge locations using advanced tools
  • Visit to successful implementation of groundwater management systems


  • For nominated government officials – the travel cost to Delhi and back will be borne by the respective nominating department/authority/state
  • For others – the travel cost to Delhi and back will be borne by the participants.
  • The training fees include the cost of training, boarding and lodging and field trip.
  • The participants are expected to reach CSE main office (41, Institutional Area, Tughlakabad), by 12:00 noon on December 4, 2023. Participants reaching after this time have to bear the cost to reach the training centre.
  • CSE will arrange the travel from CSE’s main office to training centre (AAETI, Neemli, Alwar, Rajasthan) and back.
  • The participants can arrange for their return tickets from Delhi, in the late evening on December 7.
  • AAETI is a green residential training campus of CSE. The accommodation and meals will be arranged at AAETI for the participants. Participants should follow the AAETI rules during their period of training in the campus.


Programme Officer
Water Programme, CSE
Mob No: + 91 80854 43793



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