Soil Scape Filter Technology

Soil scape filter technology is a vertical filtration process in which the pollutant is absorbed when the wastewater is made to pass through different layers of biologically activated medium. The soil scape filter has three layers: ecofert on the top, grit and sand in the middle and rubble at the bottom. Ecofert layer contains microbial consortia and organic material which cause the biological conversions of the pollutants present in the waste water. Soil scape filter can also be used to treat the industrial effluent.

Salient features
  • No sludge production
  • No electricity requirement (pumps required only in the absence of gravity flow).
  • Installed treatment capacity ranges upto 250 KLD. For larger flows, smaller decentralised units of soil scape filter can be constructed.
  • No skilled maintenance is required.
Soil scape filter plant at Nichrome India Ltd, Shirwal
Soil Scape filter plant at Residence in Pune