Soil Bio Technology (SBT)

Soil Bio- technology is a terrestrial system for wastewater treatment which is based on the principle of trickling filter. In this system, combination of physical processes like  sedimentation, infiltration and biochemical processes are carried out to remove the suspended solids, organic and inorganic contents of the wastewater.
Suitable mineral constitution, culture containing native micro-flora and bio- indicator plants are the key components of the system.  It is also known as Constructed Soil Filter (CSF). SBT systems are constructed from RCC, stone-masonry or soil bunds. It consists of raw water tank, bioreactor containment, treated water tank, piping and pumps.
Salient features
  • The process can be run on batch or continuous mode.
  • No sludge production
  • Mechanical aeration is not required.
  • The overall time of operation is 6-7 hours per day. The soil biotechnology system bed is dried prior to next cycle of use.  
  SBT plant at Lovegrove pumping station, Mumbai Municipal Corporation 
  SBT plant at Naval Dockyard Housing Society, Kanjumarg, Eastern Mumbai, Maharshtra
  SBT plant at Vazir Sultan Tobacco (VST), Hyderabad