Nualgi Technology

Nualgi provides micro nutrients in the form of nano particles which triggers the growth of diatoms (algae) in the water body, and not any other form of algae. These nano particles contain silica as a base which is the major constituent of diatoms’ outer shell. Other micro nutrients include iron, manganese, magnesium etc which promotes the growth of diatoms. Nualgi powder is taken in fine net and dissolved in fresh water and then added into the entire surface area of the polluted water body. It becomes available for the consumption by the diatoms and these diatoms act up on the organic wastes and produce oxygen. Increase of O2 concentration in water facilitates the growth of aquatic species like zooplanktons, fishes etc. The diatoms are consumed by zooplanktons that in turn are food for fishes. Due to the addition of Nualgi, the food chain in water is restored. Growth of diatoms prevent the growth of blue green algae and water hyacinth in water bodies.

Salient feature
  • The growth of diatoms is very fast - starting within five minutes and continues as long as the nutrient lasts i.e., about one week to ten days. 
  • One kg of Nualgi can treat 4 million liters of water.
  • It is an economical alternative to treat sewage and organic wastes in lakes and ponds.
  • No skilled labor required, no energy requirement. 
  Application of Nualgi technology in Madivala Lake, Bangalore 
Application of Nualgi technology in Vengayyana Kere, Bangalore