Training on Sustainable, Healthy and Affordable Housing

A training on the subject of 'Sustainable, Healthy and Affordable Housing' was held at AAETI from 3rd to 6th March. The training carried forward CSE's research on thermal comfort and sustainability in Affordable Housing. The participants represented 4 different government bodies of Telangana Housing Corporation, National Institute of Urban Management, CPWD and Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, academia from the states of Telangana, Karnataka and Delhi as well as facility managers and construction manager.

The four day training took a deep dive into topics of housing and health, fiscal strategies of government for affordable housing, planning challenges, environmental Impact assessment compliance, sustainability index, government based ratings, india cooling action plan and design of affordable housing projects with the help of lectures, case studies, site visits and hands on simulation exercises on energy simulation software. 

The training acted as a dissemination tool of CSE's research 'Four walls of PMAY' and ' Optimizing the third skin' to the participants.