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Roadmap to adopt ECBC and ECBC-R

 CSE played a watchdog role for ECBC and ECBC-R.Several walling assemblies promoted by the Building Material And Technology Promotion Council were analysed for their thermal comfort, energy an

A green model for CPWD

CSE’s training modules such as High Performance Buildings, Passive Design Techniques, etc. capitalize on AAETI being a demonstration centre. Key stakeholders such as CPWD recognized AAETI as

Going green with CSE

CSE sensitized and trained around 250 representatives from nation-wide colleges and universities on CSE’s Green Campus Initiative which enabled them to benchmark the performance of their camp

Anatomy of a vicious cycle

The hotter it gets, the more power we use to run our ACs. And this, in turn, puts all our climate change mitigation and energy security actions in the red What is the solution? India must design its buildings and cities for thermal comfort and work to minimise the use of mechanical cooling systems, says CSE’s new study – A Midsummer Nightmare