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Certificate Course on E-Waste Management in India Online Certificate Course: IEC (Information Education Communication) and BCC (Behaviour Change Communication) in Solid Waste Management Online Training on Plastic Waste and Healthcare Waste Management in Tanzania Online Training on Waste Treatment and Landfill Construction and Operations for Tanzania Online Certificate Course: Managing Plastic Waste Online training on efficient collection and transportation of municipal solid waste for the city officials of Tanzania Online Training Course for City Officials in Tanzania Online Training on Understanding Solid Waste Management Rules

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The waste management programme at CSE addresses institutional structures involved in waste management, treatment and disposal; helps build regulatory and technical capacities of cities in waste management; and highlights the role of the informal sector in India and global south through in-depth research and advocacy. CSE’s influential publication in 2016 on solid waste management, ‘Not in My Backyard’, highlighted the growing problem of waste in urban areas and carried in-depth case studies from cities following good solid waste management practices, as well as enabling policies and regulations.