Training Programme on Health and Safety of De-Sludging Operators

Dates: February  24 - 25, 2022
Venue: Prayagraj and Ghaziabad
Application: Invite only
Training Duration: 02 days
Medium: Offline

Safety of sanitation workers remains an often-ignored aspect in Faecal Sludge Management. While shifting workers from manual to mechanical means of de-sludging remains a priority.There are a number of issues including exposure to sludgefaced by sanitation workers even in a mechanised context, where de-sludging trucks are utilised to provide de-sludging services. Based on a detailed analysis of observation of de-sludging process, there are three safety concerns:inhalation of harmful gases, contact with sludge, and physical injury. The causes are varied including behaviours and practices by households such as non-compliance of septic tank construction to design standards, irregular cleaning, improper disposal of inappropriate items in toilets; inappropriate or inadequate design of decanting stations, tools and equipment, and inadequate awareness and knowledge among all stakeholders.

Ensuring safety and well-being of sanitation workers, through elimination of hazardous entry for sewer and septic tank cleaning through mechanization of cleaning operations, provision of protective gear/ PPE kits to sanitation workers, etcis one of the most important factors mentioned in SBU-2.

About the training
The training aims to enlighten Sanitation inspectors, private operators through hands-on demonstration on proper use of PPEs and other tools, health & safety and various schemes for their welfare.

To train private emptying operators, who play a vital role in the FSM value chain, by introducing them to the standard operating procedures of emptying and transportation of faecal sludge and about the health and safety aspect related to desludging services. 

Training Highlights


  • Understanding the need for use of proper PPE’s, Do’s and Don’ts and work related potential hazards
  • Hands-on experience of properly wearing and removing PPEs
  • Enhancing preparedness, knowledge levels and the safety conditions of the sanitation workers through mock drills
  • Learn about various Standard operating Procedures related to work in maintenance holes and septic tanks
  • Knowledge about various government schemes for welfare of sanitation workers


  • How to operate the truck?
  • Operation & Maintenance of cesspool vehicle
  • Types of regular suction machines and their uses 

Academic Director

Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director, CSE
Academic Director, 
School of Water & Waste, AAETI



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Target Audience
Registered/Non-registered desludging operators including driver and helper.
Benefits of Participation
  • Course participation/completion certificate
  • PPE kit distribution to sanitation workers
External Resource Persons
Dr.Smita Singh
Ms Chetna Singh
Mr. WaliSaifi
Training Director
Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director,
Centre for Science and Environment,
New Delhi
(Academic Director, School of Water and Waste)
Training Co-ordinator
Dr. Sumita Singhal
Programme Manager
Water Programme
Mobile: +91 8884646146
Pavan Kumaar
Programme Manager
Water Programme
Mobile: +91 9945366045