"Want benefits? Sign Kyoto" - The Poor Tell The Rich

October 08, 2009, Bangkok
In the AWGLCA, there was again an attempt today by the developed countries to move certain texts from the KP into the LCA for discussion.

Venezuela led the developing countries’ protests against doing so. Venezuela said that these texts are directly from the KP and therefore should only be discussed in the AWGKP.

Some of the text pertains to flexible mechanisms like CDM, available to the developed countries to offset their emissions. Venezuela has been categorical - if the developed countries want to reap the benefits of flexible mechanisms like CDM to offset their emissions, they must sign the Kyoto Protocol or only discuss them within that working group.

Text on REDD is much shorter now but real negotiations have not begun as yet. There has been some progress in the LULUCF from developing countries perspective. Developing countries have put in text saying that there has to be some level of cap on the amount of credits that can be generated from LULUCF to offset emissions. It cannot be a free ride.

LCA text is much shorter and structured. But all this is meaningless till the time there is a clear political message on reduction numbers of developed countries.