Capacity Development Workshop: Make your Own SFD

On 28 July 2017, CSE in collaboration with partners of SFD PI (GIZ, World bank, LEEDS University and WEDC) Conducted an international training on ‘Make your own SFD’ at WEDC, Loughborough University. The training began at 8.30 am and 17 people from different organizations attended the training. The participants included UNICEF, BMGF, IDEE, KNUST EAWAG and Research Fellows from various universities. 

The session began with the introduction of participants and trainers. Session-1 Included panel discussion by partners of SFD PI- Bhitush Luthra, CSE, Peter Hawkins and Isabel Blacket, formers World Bank advisors, Rebecca Scott, WEDC informing the participants ‘What is an SFD’, What is not an SFD, its history and What role does it play in urban sanitation Programming. The SFD tool- a graphic generator was explained by Dr Oscar, Leeds University to the participants with a case example of Agra city. 

The session on the methodology of data collection was facilitated by Shantanu and Anil, which was basically an exercise based session. 

After recess, the team facilitated hands on SFD tool with a case example of an African city- Kumasi, Ghana. 

During the whole WEDC conference, it was observed that SFD tool is paving a strong existence in the Urban sanitation programming. During our networking and acquaintance process with other organisations, we found that many are aware of this tool and commenting about it and few are intrigued to learn the SFD tool and apply for their respective cities.



Excellent course! Very well prepared and informative with lots of critical thinking required by participants.

BJ Ward, Eawag/Sandec
This is a very important tool that all sanitation practitioners need to know and use.

Mougabe Kosleugar, UNICEF