Press Release: Cop4

November 1, 2002
Climate change and CoP 8 through the eyes of children
Children hog the limelight at CoP 8 with their very own edition of Gobar Times.
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October  25, 2002
Children’s Camaraderie for Climate Change
Children join hands with CSE to talk of climate change, carbon emissions and global environment governance.
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October  24, 2002
CoP-8, through the eyes of youngsters
CSE gives children an opportunity to voice their concerns on global environmental governance, in their own way.
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October   22, 2002
Bring the US back to the climate conclave
CSE media briefing insists on finding ways to re-engage the US in climate change negotiations and setting up a democratic framework with right incentives and disincentives for rich and poor alike.
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September  04, 2002:
NGOs boo Powell’s speech
Quashing US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s claims that the US was serious about climate change and sustainable development, NGOs chanted ‘Shame on Bush!’ and "people and plants, not big business'.

March 11, 2002: Why Welcome Trouble?
What induced the Indian Ministry of External Affairs to issue a statement endorsing a plan that could result in loss of human life, and have negative economic and ecological repercussions for India?
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March 16, 2001:
George Bush: "I oppose the Kyoto Protocol"
The leader of the most polluting country in the world claims global warming treaty is "unfair" because it excludes India and China.
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November 12, 1998: |
Unequal rights, equal responsibilities?

Industrialised countries want to have the cake and eat it too. President Carlos Menem delivered it to them on a silver platter by agreeing to take on voluntary commitments for Argentina.
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November 11, 1998:
G-77 and China to sell atmosphere rights cheap At the climate change conference in Buenos Aires, developing countries were confused, coerced and bribed into signing the Clean Development Mechanism.
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November  6, 1998:
"India’s position on climate change at Kyoto"
We wish to register a strong protest against your endorsement of the statement of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Edinburgh.
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October 19, 1998:
Letter to the Prime Minister, India

Subject: India’s position at the fourth conference of parties of the Framework Convention on Climate Change.
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October 24, 1998:
What should be India’s position at the fourth round of negotiations on Climate Change in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from November 2-13 ?
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