Workshop for academicians in Andhra Pradesh to mainstream sustainability guidelines in academic curricula of the built environment courses

Date: 11th August 2018 

Venue: Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam

Sustainable Buildings and Habitat Programme held a workshop with Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam to engage and capacitate faculty and students of architecture on environmental sustainability guidelines.

In the comprehensive sessions, faculty and students were sensitized on the shifting requirements of architecture and planning professions as a result to climate change and associated commitments to curb its impact. About 100 participants were informed on the need of climate responsive architecture and resilient habitat planning by introduction to basic passive design techniques. 

CSE has worked on sustainability guidelines for the state of Andhra Pradesh based on Andhra Pradesh Building Rules 2017 and is engaging regulators on its implementation. Andhra University is the largest public university in Andhra Pradesh after bifurcation of the state. It is imperative to introduce the guidelines to the new generation of urban professionals in the state. In order to ensure that the new generation is well versed with the principles of sustainable habitat, keeping resilience and adaptive comfort at the centre.