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Six sins that make drought invincible

It’s drought time again. Nothing new in this announcement. Each year, first we have crippling droughts between December and June, and then devastating floods in the next few months. It’s a cycle of despair, which is more or less predictable. But this is not an inevitable cycle of nature we must live with. These droughts and floods are man-made, caused by deliberate neglect and designed failure of the way we manage water and land. What we must note with concern is that these “natural” disasters are growing in intensity and ferocity.

CSE rebuttal to HUDA statement in the Hindustan Times (Gurgaon edition)

Last week the Hindustan Times ('Huda picks holes in CSE sewage report' dated 03.05.2012) quoted a HUDA chief engineer in Panchkula as saying that most figures in CSE's report pertaining to Gurgaon were factually incorrect. The only correction issued by the anonymous official was that the 2021 water requirement would be 918.75 million litres per day (MLD), through its two dedicated canals — Gurgaon Water Supply Channel and NCR canal.