Workshop by Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board: Meeting new emission norms by the Coal-based thermal power stations


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The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board organised a workshop last Saturday to monitor the progress made by power stations to meet the new emission norms. The half-day meeting at the board's headquarters was attended by key senior officials from all the thermal power stations in the state except Bajaj Company. CSE was also invited to the meeting. 

At the meeting, CSE shared with the UPPCB plant specific action plan to assist the implementation process. The plan provides details on the stage at which the station must be at various points to ensure compliance as per the new deadlines. 

At present, NTPC and UPRVUNL (except Harduganj) are progressing in-line with CSE's action plan. However, the private players are doubtful to meet the norms as their tariff approvals are still pending with the electricity regulatory commissions (ERCs). This is despite Ministry of Power's clarification that the cost towards meeting new norms should be approved by ERCs. 

The below emerged as the way forward activities:

  1. Identify and work with state ERC's to aide in approving in-principle cost towards meeting the new norms.
  2. Recommend CEA to frame technical specifications for DSI, low-NOx burners, and other control technologies. This can assist state ERC's in their approval process.
  3. CSE should conduct exclusive state survey on CEMS in power stations to improve data quality
  4. Revisit specific water guideline which insists OTC run old coal thermal power station to install cooling tower.
  5. Publish more material on handling gypsum and other wastes from PCT.