Decentralised wastewater treatment system at Adarsh College, Distt Thane

Location: Kualgaon-Badlapur, District Thane, Maharashtra
Scale: Institutional
Implementing organisation: Kualgaon Badlapur Municipal Council, GTZ (now GIZ),  Ecosan Services Foundation and funded by Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Environment Improvement Society.
Designed Capacity: 7 KLD
Area : 57 sqm
Operational since :
Capital cost : Rs 4 Lakhs
O&M: Rs 60000-80000 per year
Kualgaon Badlapur Municipal Council in association with the GTZ (now called GIZ) established a decentralised wastewater treatment plant at Adarsh College in Badlapur. The project was planned by Ecosan Services Foundation and funded by Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Environment Improvement Society.  This project is a pilot initiative to showcase the environment friendly sustainable practice by the Municipal Council.
A toilet complex with two independent toilet blocks for male and female has been constructed in the school premises. There are 15 waterless urinals in the boy’s toilet. The installed squatting pans in the toilets are designed specifically to keep the water utilisation as low as possible. The urinals are fitted with special type of membrane which significantly reduces the smell. The urine collected is about 300 litres per day which is received only from boys toilet block. It is stored in the collection tank and is used as liquid fertiliser.

The treatment plant receives 2-3 KLD of waste water.  Black water and grey water is collected in the collection tank from where it goes to the biogas settler. The waste water then flows to the 6 chambered anaerobic baffled reactor and then to the next four chambers equipped with anaerobic upflow filters. Gravel is provided as the filter media in these chambers. After the anaerobic treatment, the wastewater is directed to the horizontal planted filter. Here the filter media is fine gravel. The treated wastewater then flows to the polishing pond where it is stored and reused for horticulture purpose. The biogas collected is used to provide energy to gas stoves and lamps present in the Ecosan exhibition hall.
Ram Patkar
Kulgaon-Badlapur Municipal Council,
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Mr. Kiran Gavale,
Project Engineer,
Kualgaon Badlapur Municipal Corporation
Tal- Ambernath, Dist- Thane 
Architect , Kualgaon Badlapur Municipal Corporation
Tal- Ambernath, Dist- Thane  
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