Study & field visit for Pilot interventions in FSSM and Greywater Management in Peri-Urban Prayagraj (Allahabad)

CSE Team along with partner organisation (CDD) conducted 2 visits to Prayagraj (Allahabad) Nagar Nigam on 21-23rdAugust 2019 and 5-7th September 2019. The study is conducted to explore the feasibility of an impactful FSSM/Wastewater interventionsin the study area as well as explore other interventions in the region as a whole (i.e. areas adjoining Prayagraj Nagar Nigam). Although 90% of area of the city is covered with sewerage network there are pockets of  unsewered areas. Further there are census towns and villages in the vicinity.

Various solutions for unsewered areas were explored such as options for Co-Treatment of FS at STP, FSTP for cluster of villages and unsewered areas of Allahabad Nagar Nigam were suggested along with pilot level intervention for Wastewater Management in villages adjoining the city.

Visit-1: 21-23 August 2019

A quick recce visit of the city to understand the existing situation for feasibility of interventions related to Faecal Sludge and Septage Management.

  • Studying and identifying non-sewered areas in the western Allahabad Nagar Nigam region as well as understanding the status of the sewered areas with respect to the household connections.
  • Visit to STPs in the western region to see potential for Co-Treatment and Co-location of FSTP
  • Interaction with GM UP Jal Nigam, EO, Private Contractor, Corporator (Ward-25) and private desludger for better understanding of existing sanitation scenatio in the city
Approach Road for Kodra STP Septic Tank outlet connected to
sewerage system
Umarpurniwa – narrow lanes filled
with wastewater
Septic Tanks constructed below
toilets – KhushwahaBasti
Umarpurniwa – septic tanks constructed below house not emptied for 10 years  


Visit-2: 5-7 September 2019

  • A site visit to nearby census towns and villagesi.e. SahaUrfPipalgaon (CT), Kareheda, Numayia, Umarpurniwato see the type of containment systems and the demand for faecal sludge emptying
  • Feasibility for various options for interventions in FSSM.
  • Visited to all 6 locations of working STPs (i.e. total 8 STPs with Salori and Naini having 2 STPs each at the same location) to explore Co-Treatment of FS or Co-location of FSTP for other areas on Prayagraj Nagar Nigam.
  • Visited localities in other parts of the Prayagraj Nagar Nigam like Phaphamau, Salori, Rajapur to see the status of sewerage connections and possibility of FSSM intervention
SahaUrfPipalgaon (Village in Study Area)
– septic tank under construction
SahaUrfPipalgaon (Village in Study Area)
– septic tanks with access problem
Phaphamau (Nagar Nigam Area not in
Study Area) – sewer lines laid in narrow lanes
Phaphamau (Nagar Nigam Area not in
Study Area) – sewer lines being laid
Containment under construction in Karehada Village near Numayadahi STP (In Study Area). More than 25 feet deep. Emptying frequency more than 15 years Sewer Network laid in Salori (including Narrow lanes).
Households connected to sewerage
Network in Rajapur Area near STP
Wastewater (Grey + Black) from households contaminating local ponds