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The mission of the Pollution Monitoring Laboratory (PML) is to catalyze communities and NGOs to fight polluters across the country by supporting them with scientific proof and documentation of pollution and its health impacts.

It is an independent analytical, research and development laboratory that determines pesticide residues, conducts water quality analysis and ambient air monitoring.

Food and Toxins
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Food and Toxins

DURING 1969-84, Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) mainly produced three pesticides namely sevin (carbaryl), temik (aldicarb) and sevidol, which is a formulation of carbaryl and gammahexachlorocyclohexane (γ-HCH).

Lab Studies
Food and Toxins

Pesticides in soft drinks

Adopting dual standards is a practice large multi national corporations follow especially when it comes to developing countries.

Food and Toxins

Pesticides in bottled water

One often finds unsuspecting people buying bottled water or packaged drinking water thinking its safe. Well think again. 

Food and Toxins

Lead in paints

Modern houses are full of harmful chemicals. One of them is lead, present in paints. Though several countries have banned the use of this substance India

Food and Toxins

Toxic toys

We generally take toys for granted but this may no longer be the case atleast not if we are concerned about the health of our young children.

Food and Toxins

Trans fat in oils

Oil is essential for our body to function. But that does not mean that we should take for granted the cooking mediums we use in our food. 

Food and Toxins


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has been established under Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA), 2006.

Food and Toxins

Pesticide regulations

Pesticides are widely used in agriculture without paying much heed to the consequences of its unregulated and indiscriminate use. 

Pesticide residues in blood

Pesticide residues in blood of Punjab farmers

Pesticides are commonly used in India but this comes at great cost to human health.

Junk Food

CSE welcomes Delhi High Court order on junk food

Delhi High Court orders to regulate junk food consumption among school children across India. Asks the food authority to enforce its 



video Presentation: Potassium bromate and/or iodate in many types of bread

Published on May 23, 2016 A CSE study has found residues of potassium bromate and/or iodate in many types of bread. The additives have been banned by many countries for their potentially adverse health effects

video A poultry farmer of Rajasthan

Published on Jul 30, 2014

video Endosulfan National Seminar at Kasaragod - Concord'12

Published on Jul 22, 2012 Padmashree Sunitha Narain in Concord'12 National Seminar at Kasaragod - Consultative Workshop on Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Endosulfan Victims and Rejuvenation of Ecosystem in Kasaragod District


The nutritional details on our food wrappers hide more than they reveal. India urgently needs regulations to warn consumers about harmful levels of salt, sugar and fat on product labels upfront

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A clean toilet is still a distant dream for kids