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Water And Wastewater Management


Delhi water crisis: How to address water shortage in our dense unplanned settlements By: Depinder Kapur, Amit Choudhary Innovative methods are key to encouraging reuse of treated wastewater in India by building trust By: Faraz Ahmad Water for our Cities: Revisiting water-sensitive urban design and planning and other frameworks By: Depinder Kapur नई सरकार, नई उम्मीदें: पानी और स्वच्छता के लिए और तेज करने होंगे प्रयास By: Depinder Kapur, Sushmita Sengupta, Sumita Singhal Delhi’s water woes: Megacity should control wastage, regulate industrial usage & address disparity to combat shortage By: Depinder Kapur New Government’s Agenda: Think long-term By: Depinder Kapur, Sushmita Sengupta, Sumita Singhal World Environment Day 2024: Effective faecal sludge management can help address sanitation woes in Ethiopia By: Umra Anees