10th CSTF meeting at Chunar Nagar Palika Parishad

Chunar Nagar Palika, in collaboration with the Centre for Science and Environment, recently organized the 10th City Sanitation Task Force meeting, a pivotal gathering aimed at addressing key issues pertaining to the city's sanitation infrastructure. The meeting served as a platform for engaging discussions on critical aspects of urban sanitation, with a focus on devising effective strategies for sustainable development. Key stakeholders from various sectors participated, sharing insights and experiences to formulate comprehensive solutions. The deliberations covered a range of significant topics, including waste management, septage treatment, and hygiene promotion. The collaborative effort underscored the commitment of Chunar Nagar Palika to fostering a clean and healthy urban environment. This initiative reflects a shared vision for progressive urban planning, with an emphasis on the importance of community involvement and innovative approaches to address the challenges of urban sanitation.



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