9th City Sanitation Task Force (CSTF) Meeting - Chunar

Date: April 25, 2022
Venue: Conference hall, Chunar Nagar PalikaParishad, Chunar
Time: 11:30-1.00PM

Chaired By: Mr. Mansoor Ahmed, Chairperson and Mr. RajpatiBais, Executive Officer- Chunar Nagar PalikaParishad

Other Attendees: The meeting was attended by 22 CSTF members and facilitated by the CSE team, led by Dr.Sumita Singhal.PM with support from the CSE-TSU team at Chunar.


The City Sanitation Task Force (CSTF) is a multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral body supporting in achieving the wider aim of citywide inclusive sanitation. CSTF Chunar meets once in every quarter to discuss the progress on Sanitation in the city.This was the 9th meeting of the CSTF in Chunar.The CSTF members in the meeting actively participated in the review of the decision points taken in 8th CSTF meeting and discuss on the agenda points of the 9th meeting.

The meeting started with warm welcome address by chairman and EO, CNPPfollowed by presentation by Dr. SumitaSinghal, Program Manager and Mr.Shantanu Kumar Sahoo. DPM, Mr. Manish Mishra, JRA, CSE on details of the progress of FSSM interventions in the city.The members discussed on 9 points' agenda to ensure effective Faecal Sludge & Septage Management (FSSM) and city wide scheduled desludging in the city. Major action points decided are as follows

  1. Nominations of more members to CSTF the committee.

The committee decided to nominate more members for the CSTF committee. A list of additional members will be provided by CNPP to add to the CSTF committee and the committee will be re-organized with more representatives from various fields of Chunar after due discussion.

  1. The charges for desludging of septic tanks have been reduced to Rs500 and need to be reviewed and will be gazette accordingly.
  2. The Purchase of a small vacuum tanker with a capacity of 1000 liter to be processed as soon as possible. Letter to be issued from CNPP to SMCG, Lucknow for releasing the additional amount of funds for purchasing tanker with the current price in GEM portal.
  3. Tender process for GIS mapping of Chunar will be started after the finalization of TOR in Hindi as quickly as possible.
  4. Intensive follow up for acceleration in the HH desludging at least the HH list in the interim desludging plan to be covered under scheduled desludging
  5. Sanitation cell to be strengthened with regular review by SFI and EO. New active members to be included in the sanitation cell for smooth functioning of the sanitation cell.
  6. Byelaws to be sent to Prayagraj to gazette following details review of the bye-laws with ULB and TSU team.
  7. Intensive IEC campaign for encouraging HHs for regular desludging of septic tanks every 3years. Involving School students, and other stakeholders in a mass awareness drive in the city. Detailed plan will be prepared with discussion between ULB and CSE-TSU team as soon as possible.
  8. The model toilet site on the campus is to be maintained well as it would be used as a public learning center and orient people on how to build proper containment systems in their respective areas.
  9. Notice to be issued for the households who do not have a containment system and releasing the excreta directly to the drains. There will be also penalty for the defaulters in the coming days. 




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