World Toilet Day 2021 celebration in Chunar


Time has come that we should all care more about toilets. If you have one, thank it. Life without a toilet is dirty, dangerous and undignified. Public health depends on toilets with properly designed and environment friendly. Toilets also drive improvements in gender equality, education, economics and the environment. There will be no sustainable future without toilets. On 19thNovemeber, 2021, World Toilet Day 2021 celebration in Chunar has been planned in order to create awareness among the various stakeholders on the value of the properly designed toilets.


  • To Celebrate the world toilet day and promote awareness on the importance of toilet
  • To inaugurate the mode containment system for learning and training of the stakeholders
Figure 1: World Toilet Day 2021 banner

Major activitiesunder taken for world toilet day celebration in Chunar

  • Inauguration of the model toilet cum training and learning unit which was constructed in the CNPP campus.
  • Interaction with the participants on the importance of the proper design of toilet and valuing toilets for healthy environment
  • Dissemination of IEC message on valuing toilet and world toilet day in the pandal of Kartik Purnima mela (Dev Diwali) at Ganga ghat, Chunar. 

Highlights of the World Toilet Day celebration in Chunar

Households in India rely on masons for deciding the type of Containment systems to be built. These containment systems come in varied shapes and sizes and are almost never accurate with the BIS standards of construction, which leads critical hindrances in the mechanical desludging of the containment systems and create damage to the sanitation value chain. To create awareness among stakeholders and resolve this issue, Chunar Nagar PalikaParishad (CNPP) and Centre for Science and Environment constructed a model containment system through skill development of the masons.

On 19th November on the eve of World Toilet Day 2021, CNPP celebrated the WTD 2021 with technical support unit of CSE, and CNPP staff members, sanitation workders and other prime stakeholdersThe model containment system construed in the CNPP premises was inaugurated by Executive Officer, Mr.RaSanitary inspectors, Junior Engineer, Sanitation workers of Chunar NagarpallikaParisad and the CSE TSU team based in Chunar. This model system encompassed two different types of containment units. First one is the twin leach pit toilet which has two pits with honey combing facilities and junction chamber connected to the toilet. The pits can be used alternatively one after another, these leach pit toilets have the capacity to turn the waste into good quality of compost.

The Second type of containment is the improved septic tank, this septic tank has three compartments, first one is the primary settler, water then flows into the second compartment where again settling happens. Further the water enters the third compartment from the bottom and flows upwards where filter media is placed. Further, after passing through the filter media water then enters the soak pit which is connected to the outlet of the third compartment of the septic tank where it’s allowed to percolate into the ground. This mode toilet complex in the CNPPpremised has now become a model learning centre for other Government officials, citizens, masons who want to learn more about how to construct an ideal containment system including all technicalities involved.

EO, CNPP, Mr.RajpatiBaisexplained about the necessity to have the proper containment system for safeguarding the water sources and the hence environment as well. The JE, Sanitary Inspectors, sanitation workers and other key stake holders of CNPP are well versed with the technical specifications of the containment systems and realized the importance of the proper containment system for restoration of the public health and also ready to become the torch bearers for the society in improving the sanitation scenario of the city.

A banner also displayed in the prime location of the dev Diwali mela a major religious gathering at Ganga ghat in Chunar for dissemination of the world toilet day message among the public.

Photographs of the event
Figure 2: Executive Officer inaugurating the model containment system
Figure 3: World Toilet Day 2021 at CNPP
Figure 4: World toilet Day message through banner in Dev Diwallimela in Chunar