Celebration of World Water Day 2022 in Chunar


World Water Day is an international observance day with an aim to inspire people around the world to learn more about water-related issues and take action to make a difference and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Demand forfreshwater has been growing day by day.Pressure on water sources has been increasing due to overuse and increasing population and changing lifestyles. As the surface water bodies in most of the urban areas are being polluted and left out as unsafe for human consumption, now pressure on the groundwater has been at an all-time high. Which is resulting in the alarming depletion of the groundwater table. Therefore, the time has come now, that we should all care more about groundwater and think more aboutthe wise use of water and especially groundwater. Therefore, in order to promote awareness of various aspects of water and encourage water conservation and wise use of freshwater sources world water day is being celebrated every year on the 22ndof March.Every year, world water day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater, so this year the theme decided to be “The groundwater: making the invisible visible”

As CSE-TSU has been supporting the Chunar Nagarpalika Parisad for sustainable FSSM and enabling environment through various IEC activities. Similarto other programs, The World Water Day 2022 was celebrated in Chunar on 22nd March 2022, in order to create awareness among the various stakeholders on the value of water and the importance of preservation of groundwater and protecting the major freshwater resources from Malasur.


  • To celebrate worldwater day andpromote awareness of the importance of wise use of water and promote activities that will ensure the protection of the groundwater andother water bodies for sustainable use of freshwater resources.
  • To disseminate Malsur IEC message through slogans, placards, and audio messages to protect water from Malasur

Major activitiesundertakenfor world water day2022 celebration in Chunar

  • Offering flowers on the statue of Mahamta Gandhi at Gandhi park in Chunar
  • Organising rally from office of the CNPP to Jalkal office, Chunar
  • Disseminating IEC messages on importance of wise use of water and preserving groundwater and protecting water from Malasur through slogans, placards and banner.

Highlights of the World Water Day celebration in Chunar

World Water Day 2022

Theme- "Groundwater, making the invisible, visible"

This year’s World Water Day theme focuses on Groundwater with the aim to shine a light on this unseen resource, increase knowledge exchange, collaborate, and raise awareness about the importance of groundwater conservation.

World Water Day 2022 was celebrated in Chunar Nagarpalika with support from CSE- TSU team in Chunar through a rally from the Nagarpalika office to the Jalkal office,Chunar. The rally was inaugurated by Chairman,CNPP. Around 30 participants participated in the rally. The participants were various stakeholders including Chairman, JE, Jalkal, Safai & Food inspector, CNPP. The tentative outreach of the rally and the IEC activities was around 500 population in the city.

Chairman, CNPP, Mr.Mansoor Ahmadrecitedthe importance of water in life and the contribution of groundwaterto fulfilling the increasing water demand in society. The chairman along with participants also offered flowers to MahatmaGandhi’s statue andthe chairmaninaugurated the rally. The stakeholders who participated were also asked to contribute tothe protection of freshwater resources from Malasur and also take care and think of the wise use of groundwater. All the participants comprising 30people along with CNPP staff also took an oath to reduce water wastage, promote rainwater harvesting at their level and protect the water from Malasur