4th Swachh Bharat City Level Task Force Meeting in chunar

Date: August 19, 2019

The 4th Swachh Bharat City Level Sanitation Force (SBCLTF) meeting which was convened in Chunar on August 19, 2019, in the presence of Hon. Chairperson and Executive Officer of Chunar. More than 90% of the SBCLTF members attended the meeting, including Ward Councilors, teachers, advocates, ULB officials, local NGOs, etc. The SBCLTF was apprised on the Apprise the CSTF about the recent developments and current status of Chunar FSSM Project.

The SBCLTF members were introduced to the "Faecal Sludge, Septage & Wastewater Management Bye-Laws" prepared by Chunar Municipality (with assistance from CSE) and the comments/feedback were solicited from the members. The ULB aims to present the same to the city council for appraisal.

During the meeting, the CSE team submitted a project report prepared for carrying out trenching in the city. Chunar Municipality had requested CSE to prepare the same, as an immediate action was required to curb current practice of the indiscriminant disposal of faecal sludge into the environment. SBCLTF members were apprised that trenching shall be a temporary arrangement, till the time the proposed FSSTP become functional.

The Chairperson and Executive Officer lauded CSE's commitment towards the programme and the initiative of setting up a Technical Support Unit in Chunar city. They assured continued support, thus furthering the city's journey towards ODF++.

The meeting ended with a pledge taken by all present, committing themselves for a Swachh Chunar, Swasth Chunar !!