Ecosanitation: zero discharge toilets


This zero discharge toilets are developed by Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur. In these toilets, the solid and liquid parts are separated, collected and reused. A specialised structure ‘separator' diverges the liquid (urine and flushed water) in the outward direction and is collected in a tank while the solid part in the form of slurry is dropped into another chamber called retention tank. The fecal slurry is collected and converted into manure through composting. The liquid is further treated and reused for flushing the toilets.

Salient feature

  • Easy to install with no sewerage requirement. 
  • No electrical power supply or motor driven devices required.
  • Hygienic conditions are maintained at the same level as in conventional water borne systems.
  • Can easily be operated and maintained by the community.
  • Reduce the fresh water demand for various activities like flushing and gardening.
  Zero discharge toilets at residence in Krishna Dham, Aligarh