Development Partners meeting for Health and Safety of sanitation workers during COVID-19
Sensitization on initiatives of CSE-PSU & TSU-Bijnor & Chunar at 2nd RCUES Workshop
Sensitization on initiatives of CSE-PSU & TSU-Bijnor at RCUES Workshop
Sensitization of ULBs on CSE-PSU's 'Repository of COVID-19 Resources' at RCUES workshop
Meeting with UNDP for inclusion of sanitation workers in Economic Recovery Alliance
CSE’s Technical Support Unit for response to COVID 19 in Bijnor
CSE’s Programme Support on response to COVID 19 in Lucknow
Discussion regarding response to COVID 19 with Nagar Nigam Lucknow
Impact on FSSM in U.P. during COVID lockdown
CSE's FSSM talk in Radio Mirchi Lucknow
Meeting with Smart City Mission in Lucknow
Workshop on 'The Future of Urban Sanitation in India'
Workshop on SGD’s in Lucknow
CSE's Outreach in Mainstreaming FSSM
Assessment of potential sites for Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant at Prayagraj
For mainstreaming effective FSSM & better outreach of CSE's FSSM initiative in UP
Meeting with Smart City Mission in Lucknow
CSE’s Programme Support for FSSM in U.P. – CSE PSU team conducted a series of orientation sessions to municipal functionaries
CSE PSU team facilitated the lab team in the sample collection
Scaling up Faecal Sludge Treatment Plants (FSTPs) in Uttar Pradesh
CSE PSU - outreach for mainstreaming safe sanitation and conservation
CSE Programme Support Unit (Lucknow) - Outreach in the State for Mainstreaming FSSM
Site Visit to Bakshi Ka Talaab as a part of 'Forum of Cities that manage Septage'
Workshop on Standards for Wastewater Discharge and Bio-solids from Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) and Fecal Sludge Treatment Plants (FSTPs)
Field Visit to Jhansi FSTP (6 KLD)
Meeting with Mr Bezwada Wilson, national Convener of Safai Karamchari Andolan
PSU Handholding Support to Frontrunner Cities in FSSM
Meeting with World Bank Group for Hindon River Basin Management
CSE support for FSSM in UP - Pre-bid Meeting for Mechanised FSTPs in 6 AMRUT cities, UP
National Level Conference on Sanitation Workers in Lucknow
Meeting with U.P. Jal Nigam for discussion of Tender for FSTP Implementation in 52 Cities in U.P
FSSM in U.P. - CSE - DoUD Review Meeting to discuss the wayforward for the engagement
FSSM in U.P.-Stakeholder Meetings in Lucknow 18-20 June 2019
FSSM in U.P.-Meeting with U.P. State Sanitation Workers Commission on 25th June 2019
FSSM in Uttar Pradesh-Consultative Meeting for Finalization of FSSM Policy in U.P.