GM food toxins found in the blood of 93% of unborn babies

Toxins implanted into GM food crops to kill pests are reaching bloodstreams of women and unborn babies, research revealed. A landmark study found 93 per cent of blood samples taken from pregnant women and 80 per cent from umbilical cords tested positive for traces of the chemicals. The new study was carried out by independent doctors at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, at the University of Sherbrooke Hospital Centre in Quebec, Canada.

It is now clear toxins that are designed to kill crop pests are reaching humans and babies in the womb –through food. It is not known what harm this causes, but there is speculation that it could lead to allergies, miscarriage, abnormalities or even cancer. The industry has always maintained that if these toxins are eaten by animals or humans they will be destroyed in the gut and pass out of the body, causing no harm. Food safety authorities in Britain and Europe have accepted these assurances on the basis that GM crops are effectively no different to those produced using conventional methods. The latest study appears to blow a hole in these claims.

Source: GM food toxins found in the blood of 93% of unborn babies

Written by Savvy Soumya Misra