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Good News & Bad News: Clearing the Air in Indian Cities RWH FILM
A Public Service Advertisment on Rainwater Harvesting by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
Good News & Bad News: Clearing the Air in Indian CitiesLATEST CSE PRODUCTS
State of Renewable Energy in India: A Citizen’s Report
Pages: 198
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Good News & Bad News: Clearing the Air in Indian Cities LATEST CSE PRODUCTS
Good News & Bad News: Clearing the Air in Indian Cities
Pages: 262
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DTE Annual Publication EIA Guidelines
EIA Guidelines for Wind Power
Junk Food Busted
Pages: 48
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Climate Change in South Asia: A Book of Activities 2
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FIRST FOOD: A Taste of India's Biodiversity
Authors: Sunita Narain & Vibha Varshney
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Global climatic anomalies allied with local weather conditions produced the most freakish hailstorms in central and north India in February and March.
Extreme weather events
What caused the freakish hailstorms?
Untimely hailstorms have destroyed crops in millions of hectares in north and central India. Predictions of a poor monsoon, possibly linked to El Nino, would mean further trauma for the already distressed farmers in these areas. Is this climate change?
First by diluting it and then by delaying it, the Jharkhand government ensures slow death of a plan meant to safeguard Saranda and its wildlife from the onslaught of mining companies
Assam debates dehorning rhinos without proper studies
Professor of atmospheric physics at the Academy of Athens in Greece


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Sunita Narain
Down To Earth
15 April 2014
Junk games and schoolchildren | Comments
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Sunita Narain
Down To Earth
1 April 2014
Coal politics in an unequal world | Comments

CSE Specials


"All substances are poisons; the right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy." Modern food regulation is about determining what is that right dose in our daily diet.


This is India's first and most comprehensive survey presented in an attractive 2-volume set on the state of its water and its management. It is the 7th Report in our highly popular SOE Series. It would be of immense value to professionals and decision makers in the Central and State Governments besides academicians, researchers,
NGOs and all major Libraries.

Mining book cover

Outlines the immense challenges facing the mining sector in India: how to ensure ecological security together with inclusive development. Includes detailed maps, data tables and in-depth case studies of mineral-rich states.


A month-long summer certificate course on environment and development issues.
Date: June 2 - 30, 2014

Press Releases

April 22, 2014
  • Court wants to know which junk foods should be regulated. Fixes next hearing for August 6, 2014.
  • CSE welcomes the court’s directive in the 2010 PIL filed by Uday Foundation.
  • CSE has pointed out that the recent junk food-related guidelines submitted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to the court are ineffective in addressing the prayers of the PIL; says the food industry has managed to dilute the guidelines.
February 28, 2014
  • Union minister for new and renewable energy, Farooq Abdullah, releases CSE’s Citizen’s Report on State of Renewable Energy

February 17, 2014

UPA II should have had the courage to stand by its earlier decision to tax cars and SUVs higher to address the crisis of energy and pollution, says CSE 

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