video Delhi's air pollution is down by 25%, need is to reduce another 65%

Enforcement of graded response action plan on pollution hotspots in the national capital can help achieve clean air

video Declining population of camel in India is worrying

With increasing mechanisation and synthetic fertiliser usage, the camel is no longer needed for transportation, ploughing and manure

video Sunita Narain: Rio’s stepchild must become the parent in our climate-risked world

Since climate change is haunting the world in various forms, the management of land and water is at risk, says the environmentalist


Countries and companies are heavily investing in offshore wind projects despite challenges

Gobar Times

Children's Day: 2091
Our future depends on how we shape the world today



CSE and CPWD knowledge partners for long term sustainable development and practice

CSE’s engagement with CPWD has matured from capacity building to along-term knowledge partnership.

Water and Wastewater Management

CSE Signed an MoU with the International Water Association (IWA)

April 2, 2019

Sustainable management of water and wastewater is one of the essential prerequisites for development in modern times.

Renewable Energy

Promoting Distributed Renewable Energy

CSE has used its research to constantly engage with the government and advocate for change in the government’s policy framework. 


CSE facilitates a landmark change in Tanzania's Environmental Regulations

CSE provided crucial support in formulating the Regulations to the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC), which is the nodal agency in Tanzania for conducting environmental impact assessments, compliance and enforcement.

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