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video Jackie Miamin talks about drug take-back initiative in South Africa, a key tool to stop AMR spread

Is taking back unused and expired on of the way to stop the spread of antimicrobial resistance? Jackie Miamin, Chief Executive Officer,

video Role of veterinarians in reducing antibiotic misuse in animals a conversation with Ntombi Mudenda

Down to Earth is Science and Environment fortnightly published by the Society for Environmental Communication, New Delhi. 

video Reducing antibiotic misuse in animals a discussion with Karl Pedersen and Amit Khurana

Unscientific animal rearing has become one of the main reasons for antimicrobial resistance or AMR.

Know Your Virus

What do we know about viruses, the smallest, simplest biological entity, that has brought the most evolved species on the planet to its knees

Gobar Times

A clean toilet is still a distant dream for kids



Aiding in industrial pollution inspection and audit in Ghana

CSE's Industrial Pollution team has worked with the Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana to prepare inspection and audit manuals that are now under the final stage of review by the EPA. Ghana EPA has also asked for assistance in preparing guidelines for environmental management at the fuel filling station.

Food and Toxins

Working on AMR in Zambia

Given the complete curb on international travel and the attention of partner agencies in Zambia on the Covid-19 situation

Urban Water

MoU signed with Housing and Urban Development Dept Govt of Odisha

CSE has signed a three-year MoU with the Housing and Urban Development Dept. (HUDD), Govt. of Odisha

Air Pollution

Work in the states moves ahead

In Odisha, a meeting with the state Additional Chief Secretary, Environment, firmed up the next steps for implementation of CAAP for the state’s non-attainment cities.